Monday, July 19, 2010

crawling, standing, fishy-lipped baby

Peyon is now 7.5 months and changing every day. It's so fun to watch her grow and explore! Some of the things she's now doing:

- She has been sitting for awhile, but can now get herself to a seated position from crawling or laying down.
- She has mastered the army crawl and is ALL over the house
- Is obsessed with standing and pulls herself up on anything she can
- Walks along furniture
- Stands alone for a very short time (about 5 seconds - ha)
- Cut her first tooth about a week ago
- Says "ba-ba-ba" and "da-da-da", but no "m" sounds yet. :o/
- Makes an adorable fishy face (see previous post)
- Is also obsessed with our dog, Chase. If he lays down, she makes a bee-line for him. She loves to grab his tail and feet. He doesn't feel quite the same about these activities, however. :o)
- LOVES to jump/bounce in her jumperoo and doorway jumper. Seriously, she gets a little out of control sometimes. Ha!
- Also obsessed with electronic things - cell phones, remotes, etc.

recent pics

A little wrong, but I LOVE her expression in this one.

Taking shelter from the storm last week with Grandma.