Friday, March 18, 2011

dance, dance

I tried to post this awhile back, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. Always brings a smile to my face though!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

here goes nothing...

Well, my friend Kristin and I did not win the lottery for Grandma's half marathon in June (kind of bummed), but in order to keep our momentum and spirits up, we've entered in the Eau Claire Half Marathon on May 1st. That give us 9 weeks to whip our butts in shape and build up to a daunting 13.1 miles! Neither of us have ever run any type of race before, so this should be a good challenge.

We met up at The Running Room in Woodbury after work yesterday and got fitted for some running shoes. This was a new experience for me - walking, squatting, etc. for the sales lady in order to determine the best shoes for me. In the past I've pretty much purchased my shoes based on 'looks'. Great, I know! Ha. Kristin has some over-pronation (basically she has flat feet, so they roll inward) so she was told to buy some 'stability' shoes. She picked hers out in about 30 seconds and fell in love with the first pair she tried on! I took a bit longer... Apparently I have have pretty normal feet and don't under or over-pronate so I got to choose from the 'cushioned' shoes. I tried on a few different brands, but definitely gravitated towards the Brooks ones - they were just so comfy! I ended up getting these beauties...

Inaugural run will be tonight after work. :o)

Any runners out there have recommendations for attire? Is it worth it to buy the expensive running clothes?