Monday, January 24, 2011


The Packers are going to the Superbowl and I couldn't be more excited!!! I've been training my little cheerleader to recite the "Go Pack Go" chant and do the touchdown signal. Now I must find her a new Packer outfit for the big game (she's outgrown all her old outfits). I'll try to post a video of her soon. GO PACK!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what's new?

1. Peyton is ONE! Well, technically almost 14 months now, but seriously where has the time gone?? We had a nice Pooh-themed party at the beginning of December for her and she had a great time. She absolutely loved the balloons Daddy picked out for her and they remained in our house for at least 3 weeks. :o) She's been a full-time walker since she was about 10 months and is enjoying running all around the house - pulling things out of every basket, cupboard, nook and cranny. She is right on track with her growth and development too. I believe at her one year appointment she was 50th percentile for her height, 75th for her weight and 100th for her head (poor kid got her parents' big head). She is talking up a storm too - mostly in 'alien' as I like to call it, but she usually attempts at least the first syllable of every word we teach her. Some of her more recognizable words are Pu-pup (puppy), A-pah (apple), Nana (banana) and she does a pretty good bye-bye. She also knows the sign for 'more.' She also learned about (and met) Santa this year and if you show her a picture of him or ask her what Santa says, she makes the cutest little "o" face and says "ho, ho, ho."

2. I got a new job! I now work for (Pioneer Press website) in St. Paul. It's a bit of a commute compared to my old 10-minute jaunt across town, and with our extra snowy winter some days have been really crappy, but I really like the job and spring is just around the corner...right? ;o)

3. In less exciting news, I've also joined Snap fitness and have been going regularly thanks to my workout-buddy Kristin! It's so nice to have someone to keep you accountable for going. I'm ready to drop a couple of pounds and get myself back in shape finally!