Wednesday, January 21, 2009

how much??

I have quite a bit of money saved up in my HSA, so I decided that I would look into new glasses. I haven't gotten a new pair in probably 5 years since I avoid wearing them at all costs, but I could use an updated pair and a new style. So, Ben and I went to Pearle Vision last night to check out their selection (I got my last pair there and they cost me close to $300)...well, apparently the price of glasses has skyrocketed since my last purchase. Pretty much all the frames I looked at were $200-300 – just for the frames!!! Then you add another $150-200 for lenses. Ridiculous! They do have a buy one, get one free special but what would a person like me do with that? I have the night and day contacts so I even sleep in them. The only time I wear glasses is if my eyes hurt. I guess we'll see if it's really worth it to me...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

where do I start?

Wow! It's been awhile! Let me try to recap the last 5 weeks (or at least the Holidays)...

We celebrated Christmas with Ben's mom on Christmas Eve Eve (Dec. 23) with a nice lasagna meal. Then, Christmas Eve we went to Mel's Midtowner for their annual Liquor Raffle. Since Ben and I had nothing better to do, we stayed out drinking well past the end of the raffle. Maybe it'll be our new tradition? :)

Christmas Day, we packed up the car and the dogs and headed to Oshkosh. After visiting with my dad's side of the family in my Grandma's room at the nursing home, we celebrated with my mom, her boyfriend and my sister. That Sunday we went to Green Bay for the last Packer game of the year. It was freezing but an AWESOME experience! Our seats were amazing and we're already planning a trip with friends for next year.

New Year's Eve we went to dinner with some family/friends at Acapulco's (a Mexican restaurant), then to the annual Jensen party and finally downtown. It was a good time.

I don't really have much else new to report. I had my one-year review at work last week. Good news is that they're keeping me on! Bad news is that there won't be any raises this year (not really surprised).